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A great change has taken place in TV shows production: recording environment become more complex with larger quantities of capture equipment, the later effects play a significant role in post-production, live webcast on the internet associated media content more closely with audiences.

These change caused us to propose a comprehensive solution – Sobey’s Variety Show Solutions - for concerts,  stage shows,  reality TV,  talk and game shows and TV series with ultra-reliable recording,  and the tools to enable the efficient ingest,  editing and enrichment of content in a highly collaborative,  integrated environment.

Sobey’s Variety Show Solutions streamline the whole workflow start from Field/Studio multi-cam Ingest, mass Media Content Management, Post-production to Distribute program to multi-channels,it focus on the entertainment, sports, shows and other event.


Never lose any valuable frame.

Creation without border.

Fully customizable to realize the Unique Shows


Acquisition &Ingest Solution

Meet the requirements of Variety Show for multi-cam ingest, abundant material acquisition, enhance the ingest ability by better management strategy and smart portable devices.


Logging Tool

Innovative tool for onsite logging editing, record significant scenario and moment at first time, provide faster and more efficient approach to create logging marker via portable devices and intelligence application, offer more source and reduce time cost of material selection of production.


Production Solution

In this solution, Sobey provide the most comprehensive and useful tool for multi-cam production, it joins acquisition and select clips from multi-cam together, fulfill the multi-cam requirements of entire process step by step.


Content Management Solution

The MAM solution provides the comprehensive workflow for our customer to gathering and manage their media asset more efficiently and seamlessly with high security of content and metadata protection.

Case 1: Where are we Going, Dad? - In field true men show.


Case 2: Grade one - Most famous studio show in China


Case 3: I am a Singer - Most famous studio show in China


Case 4: Wonderful Friends - First Reality Show for file exchange among cities