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Sobey MAMSpace is a highly scalable, flexible and extensible Enterprise Media Assets Management (MAM) System that for you to do quick and easy content management, archiving, exchange and sharing in enterprise wide, and help you to reuse, repurpose and monetize your assets more easily and efficiently.


MAMSpace provides Web service API and workflow for integration and collaboration with 3rd party systems and applications, including ingest system, production, transcoding, and automation and content delivery systems. Sobey provides professional service to customer workflow to meet your requirements.


 The core of MAMSpace is a Digital Content Management Platform (DCMP), which is a services-oriented architecture (SOA) platform with a powerful workflow engine for Business Process Management (BPM), Unified Metadata Sets, Rich Media Model with Lifecycle management and the foundations of MAM.





Professional consulting and customization

Sobey provides professional consulting and customization service for MAM, archiving, workflow and system integration

Cost saving and Time saving

Sobey MAM Space is a central MAM solution to store, manage your enterprise wide assets, not only media files, but also generic files. It provides fissional MAM tools for easily searching, editing and sharing your contents.

Seamless and collaboration workflow

MAMSpace unifies content and metadata across multiple systems, making them readily accessible and searchable for multiplatform use. By using BPM workflow engine, you can have streamlined user workflows and collaborations from production to automation.

Scalable and expandable

MAMSpace support virtualization deployment, the module based architecture to expand transcoding, transferring service without system power off

Revenue and Monetization

Content is the King, by using MAM Space content creative and publishing tools, you can monetize your assets by reusing, repurposing and distribution through multiple platforms.

Mature and advanced enterprise solution

Fashion and intuitive user tools

Powerful search engine

Flexible Data model

Self-group and well orgnized archiving

Length the life of your investment

High Security with disaster recovery

Architecture and Integrations


MAM for News (2002: CCTV)

Enterprise Central MAM (2005: Chongqing TV)

Distributed Enterprise MAM (2007: SMG Shanghai Media Group )

Central MAM as the backbone of networking (2009: Shenzhen Media Group)


Full HD Production MAM Integration with Avid (2011: TVB)

One News MAM for two TV Station (2014: CTV & CTi)