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With the extensive use of information technology, the degree of education information has gradually been an important mark to measure the education level. The form of education needs innovation, and the education resource should to be used more efficiently.

Sobey’s educational solutions based on technology of Traditional Broadcast Industry, New Media and it features the freeness of learning, the no-restriction of transmission forms, the employability of educational resources, and the interest of education. Many famous universities in China(more than 30)are willing work with or partner with Sobey to build correctly and share constructively educational.

E-Record: IP Camera for Normal course recording (2 – 4 Mbps) 


E-Studio: HD SDI recorder with broadcast quality (MPEG2 I frame)


E-Tracker: A smart tool for tracking teacher and student’s picture automatically


E-Editor: Support full HD editing and integrate with E-Record & E-Studio to do quick multi-camera editing


E-Store: Smart file management tool with powerful search function


E-Learning: A platform based on MOOC concept for course sources sharing and publish, such as online course creation and learning, online communication and etc.













Course Recording



Web Distribution



Live Broadcast for Remote Classroom


Recording & Editing


Recording & Source Management