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Sobey Editmax series software is professional editing workstation’s application. As a non-linear editing software, it can be used by professional editors in every segment of movie making, television, broadcast, and streaming media. With CPU+GPU A.R.T4 engine,  Editmax delivery 3D and 4K editing capacity, and over 20 thousands of clips on over 8 video tracks SD, HD editing experience. Compatible with different kinds of IO cards and DX11 or OpenFX protocol, Editmax will give you unexpected graphic processing for effects while highest smoothly character and animation creation.


Hybird Editing: User don’t need to understand formats and standards before they start


Useful Editing facility: making you be more concentrated on creation instead of on hand working.


Abundant effects and thousands of effect templates: Always beyond your imagination.


3rd party communication: making you opening to your partners.


High quality IO hardware compatibility: Matrox, Sony, Sobey


Standard alone for personal editor or individual studio operators. Fulfill the simple 4K/3D or HD editing workstation.
Workstation and external storage compatibility, please see the ’Compatible list for Editmax 10 software’

Team works: small studio office or editing island for Media Company.

Tech Specs of Editmax Series Software