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Mediasphere is a general content management solution designed for production, program-prep and distribution, enabling a practical and versatile approach for multiple-format content management.



This powerful file-based content management system is available in several scalable solutions. Each provides a whole workflow for content ingest, unlimited customizable metadata catalogue, full text search and multi-field search, thumbnail and proxy generation, automatic content Quality-Check, distribution, rough web cutting and craft editor integration, and manage all the contents no matter online, near-line and offline.

With its practical yet versatile approach, Mediasphere is ideal for Departments of TV Broadcasting station, Media House and Companies and Post Production Facilities.


System Diagram




Benefits and Advantages







Mediasphere provides assets management capabilities through GUIs, including ingest (to support both file-based and tape-based material), catalog (to add and edit the metadata), QC client (to check and approve if media has quality defects), archive (to secure materials on its online HDD in the server and offline media), search (to find and browse the content instantly using proxy data), and share contents with editor terminals, thus, covering basic needs in the workflow of media production content management.








Mediasphere allows for multi-format ingest using attached devices, network devices and file transfers over the network for efficient content registration and metadata extraction. Mediasphere also supports importing folder to remain its folder structure. Moreover, Mediasphere provides option for HD/SD SDI ingest from tape with VTRs control.


Content Explorer


Mediasphere organizes and display contents by tree structure. Mediasphere enable add, edit, remove nodes with rights, move contents between various folders, and filter contents by date, type, category and storage status. Mediasphere also support search content under specific folder by full-text Search.




Keyword searches and advanced queries about content registered in Mediasphere, includes the ability to filter based by creation and import date ranges, and specify content type and storage status. Filters such as content category further improve asset sorting to quickly determine a correct match. It also provides customized advanced queries for quickly find dedicate assets.




Catalog application provides a fast and convenient method to add and edit metadata fields. It includes functions such as preview clips and pictures, view original extracted metadata, add multiple catalog layers and key frames to the timeline, set head frame for clips and picture packages, view the file list, set the content Category and Security Level.


Customizable Metadata Fields


Custom metadata fields allow users to tailor the field name and data type for enhanced keyword searching and metadata entry.

  • Data types include pull-down list, string, numeric, date, and text data.

  • Configure custom fields as required: each is searchable 


Web Rough Cut & Craft Editor


Mediasphere provides a seamless workflow for Web Rough Cut & Craft Editor. User could organize the program, do rough cut, and add markers on Web. Then, editor open these stories on Craft Editors to do further edition based on marker comments. This powerful function achieves high efficiency collaborative production workflow.

** Available for Adobe Premiere, FCP 7 and FCP X 


Seamless workflow for Production


Mediasphere provides an Adobe Premiere plug-in, enabling user to search and import content from Mediasphere to Premiere. Or, Mediasphere also enable user to open contents in FCP7 or FCP X from Web search results. All above workflow, Mediasphere support NLEs to directly access content hi-res files on Central Storage without downloading.


After edition, user is option to send Premiere sequence as FCPXML with subclips back to Mediasphere; or option to consolidate the sequence as a new media file and send back to Mediasphere.


Drag & Drop interactive with general NLEs


Mediasphere supports Drag & Drop operation to work with NLE, includes Avid Media Composer, Grass Valley Edius, Sony Vegas, Sony XPRI NS, Sobey Editmax 9/10. By Desktop, you can do Full-text search for clips on Mediasphere. D&D searched clips from Desktop directly into NLE bin or timeline. D&D NLE finished drama back to Mediasphere.


Reuse & Monetization


After searching for an asset, the Content Browser allows users to export content in its original format or transcode it to a supported output format (with XML file). The file may be exported to network attached production systems, FTP devices, or to your client workstations local HDD (hard disk drive), export to media for distribution. And you can export the asset proxy with logo watermark to website and content trade platform, like, Youtube.


Archive & Retrieve


Mediasphere enable to manually select content for archive, and organizes them as individual virtual media for easy replication to physical media for offline storage. An easy way to archive assets to NAS, LTO tape or Sony ODA Cartridge. Virtual media is organized automatically based on the preset archive rules, supports partial restore and shelf retrieve for offline assets.


User Capacity Management


Mediasphere provides User Capacity Management based on User or Group. You can set capacity for every user, or groups. Client show current login user’s capacity status and warn if free capacity is low. Once capacity used up, Mediasphere could reject to import files anymore. This function greatly control and reduce storage waste.


Solution for small scaled production Network (3rd Party NLEs)




Solution for Productive Content Management




Solution for Small/Medium Scaled Archive Management




Solution for General Content Management



Tech Specs of Mediasphere