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FLYHD is a product designed for doing signal gathering.



Light Software Structure


Central Management


Multi-type recording tasks


Easy to Expand


High Security for tasks

Provide a ingest management server as an optional module to control the auto switching among all the ingest servers once any channel is broken

For example,

If one of the working channel is broken, the ingest management server will get the recording task data and quickly find another available channel to continue to record the task as a new clip 


Centralized-Controlling for Signal Ingest




SDI Ingest


IP Ingest  ( Original Signal: H.264/MPEG2 , TS)


Recommendation of Hardware Configuration

For Ingest Server, there are two types of standard servers to choose. (DELL & Lenovo) 

Note: For SDI ingest, it needs to add Sobey video card – MG5500 into the standard server. (One MG5500 card for one SDI channel)